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How can we help you today?

I'm buying a brand new home and I'd like a snagging report
Snagging Inspections can be arranged throughout the UK - please visit our online shop to see the range of services we offer and contact us to arrange a booking - we are confident you will not find a better service or price anywhere but we guarantee to match any genuine quote for a service that meets our high quality standards

I've bought a brand new home and we have a problem with snagging defects

You have 2 years to compile a snagging list and it is not uncommon for new defects to arise as you live in and use your home - make sure you put everything in writing to your developer and that you can prove delivery (e-mail is good). You can instruct a professional company to do this for you like us, or do it yourself (why not use our forum for advice and support?)

My new home developer won't repair snagging defects what can I do?
If your developer won't rectify snagging defects ask us to help or go to your new home warranty provider and insist on a resolution.

I need advice about my new home warranty

Please see our Warranty Advice page You can insist on a resolution if your snaging defects are not rectified by your builder but be prepared - your builder and the warranty representative wil arrive together and you may feel outnumbered. They will whisper to each other and leave you out - this is why so many clients ask us to come along for moral and proessional support!

Home Improvements

My builder has walked off site with my money – can you help?
Yes we can! we can come and inspect the work and the paperwork and provide you with support - you may need to go to court to get your money back and we do not provide legal advice but we can liaise with your builder and solicitor to try and resolve the situation amicably.

I'm having building work done and would like some advice

Great - the earlier you contact us the better. Make sure you have a contract and that every conversation with your builder is confirmed in writing. Do not agree to any extras verbally and get prices for everything BEFORE the work is done. See our advice page here (LINK) visit the forum (LINK) for lots more advice and we can manage the project for you if you want peace of mind

Help! I think I have a cowboy builder
STOP! Don't hand over any more money, secure the site and call us ASAP for advice

I need advice about planning home improvements

Great - please see our advice page here Make sure you get lots of quotes and insist on a contract for protection. We can manage the project for you by carrying out inspections at key stages and liaising with your builder, or visit our forum for lots more advice

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