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Free Self Build Advice


New Home Advisor receive 1000's of calls relating to unprofessional builders and trades people every year, and we have compiled the following Top 10 Tips to help you:

  1. Get a minimum of 3 quotes for your work and if you are still undecided get more. Write down how you are going to judge the quotes in advance – it shouldn’t just come down to price.
  2. How soon can your contractor do the work for you? The very best people are always booked in advance by recommendation so be wary if they can start next week.
  3. Quotes. Once you have selected your supplier, make sure the quote is detailed so you can’t get caught out later with hidden extras. For example does the quote for a new bathroom include removing the tiles from the old one? How many plug sockets/light fittings are included?
  4. Get references from your contractor and ask to view their previous work/speak to clients. If they are good they will happily provide contact details for you.
  5. Contract! You must have one! New Home Advisor can provide you with a template to work with and make sure it is as detailed as possible.
  6. Does your contractor provide a warranty/guarantee? Make sure your contract has a retention period at the end for snagging defects to be resolved.
  7. Keep detailed records at all times – a diary & photographs throughout the build process is great as you never know when you may need to refer to it.
  8. Receipts & Quotes – make sure everything is provided in writing in advance so there can be no confusion. Remember you could source goods yourself at a lower price so don’t always buy from the builder.
  9. Planning permission. You can do this yourself quite easily by liaising with your local council office, or if in doubt ask your architect for advice as they could recommend a build control consultant.
  10. Think about how you intend to use the space in advance. Where will you need plug sockets/light fittings? There’s nothing worse than getting your new room finished and they’re all in the wrong place.

And finally...
Buy some cheap mugs – builders are notorious for breaking them!

We have also provided you with a free example contract to download, but you are strongly advised to seek independent legal advice before entering in to any agreement. We work with many solicitors throughout the UK and are happy to provide recommendations.
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