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01279 718771

Home Improvement Inspections

If you are worried about managing a building project in your home, or you are unhappy with the quality of the work being done at the moment contact us now for some free advice - we will be happy to help you and if your case needs to go to court we have links with a great team of solicitors who specialise in building disputes and they will give you some free advice too.
Quite often relaionships break down with builders due to a lack of commnication and understanding and it can be very stressful for both parties.  New Home Advisor are very experienced in handling builder disputes and we always resolve issues amicably and professionally.
We wil only offer to come and inspect your building works if we think it will benefit your situation and you are under no obligation to accept - we give a lot of free building advice because we know that there really is nowhere else to go and we are happy to help.

Think you have a Cowboy Builder?

We are contacted every day by homeowners struggling with builder problems including:

kitchens and bathrooms
loft conversions

Every case is different but the theme is always the same - the homeowner believes that they are not getting value for money but they don't have the knowledge, confidence or expertise to manage the situation and are often many thousands of pounds out of pocket by the time they contact us, which is why you need to call as soon as possible.

Let us inspect the building work and the invoices and we will give you a professional opinion and even liaise with your builder for you to get things back on track.

Home Improvement Project Management

If you are having home improvement works let New Home Advisor manage the project for you with regular inspections and liaison with your builder from the very beginning - peace of mind guaranteed!

Prices start at just £250 - for an estimate about your project please call us on 0845 408 4979
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