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Your New Home Warranty

Most new homes are covered by a 10 year warranty, commonly provided by the NHBC, Zurich, LABC or Premier Guarantee. These warranties are insurance policies NOT consumer protection so do not assume that this will give you the security that you expect, however something is usually better than nothing.

Your warranty provider will do a final inspection on your home before your developer can ask you to complete - please bear in mind that this inspection is a risk assessment for their insurance purposes, NOT a quality check for you to make sure that your home has been completed to standard. All of the snagging defects we find have been ignored or missed by the warranty providers because we never check a home until they have passed it.

The first 2 years of your warranty are the responsibility of your developer and the following 8 years are the responsibility of your warranty provider. Do bear in mind that no-one likes to give money away and once you have paid for your home any remedial work you have done must be paid for by the developer, so you may have to fight long and hard to get the work done. This is why we offer a support service to our clients after their snagging inspection has taken place.

Moreover the warranty is provided to your builder, not to you as a homeowner, and is exempt from the Association of British Insurers Code of Practice. This means you cannot sue your warranty holder if you are unhappy with the service they provide, because the policy is not in your name (even though you paid for it in the price of your house with no idea of how much it costs).

It sucks, we know and we're doing all we can to improve the situation by continuously lobbying parliament, the warranty prpoviders and regularly featuring in the media to highlight what is happening in the new homes industry.

Help us by joining the forum and telling your story

NHBC Resolution
If your new home has a warranty, you are entitled to a resolution service from your warranty provider which will include a resolution meeting if snagging defects remain unresolved. Commonly your developer and the warranty inspector will arrive together and as a homeowner it is extremely unlikely that you will be given any feedback during the meeting from either party. This situation often leaves owners feeling frustrated and under represented during the resolution process.

New Home Advisor regularly attend these meetings with clients. This service includes:

Attendance at the new home warranty Resolution meeting
Review of all paperwork before and after warranty Resolution
Telephone support and advice before and after the meeting until defects are finished to standard
If we have not already carried out a snagging inspection for you, all paperwork related to the NHBC meeting should be sent to New Home Advisor in advance of the meeting and our inspector will arrive at the property 30 minutes in advance to discuss the snagging defects with you before the meeting starts.
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